Professional Installation

We are pleased to offer our professional decorating services to the greater Charlotte area. Sit back and enjoy your holiday while our experienced crew handles the hard work and hassle. Design, installation, take down and storage... We'll do the work and make your holiday shine.

Simply give us a call to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. We’ll provide you with a custom design crafted from your imagination and our vision. We provide all labor, materials, and equipment needed to create your magical experience. Your decorations will stay gorgeous because we will be looking after them. And once the holiday is we will take your decorations down and store them for the next time.

Decorating Options

Lots! This can get really fun! Whether you're going for the traditional look or really over the top, we've got you covered. Wait 'till you see what we can do.

Trees: This is our specialty. When we decorate a tree, it stops traffic and turns heads. Each tree is custom designed. Deciduous trees such as crape myrtles and maples will have their branches wrapped in lights, creating a shining silhouette.

Shrubs: Be festive without the consuming a lot of available power. Canopy wrapping exposes the outlines of your shrubs, giving a twinkling effect as they naturally move. This really sets off the foundation of your home or business.

Daytime Décor : Enjoy the night and the day, using our pre-lit wreaths and garland. Warmly welcome visitors with your light-encircled front door. Full, plush pre-lit garland, wrapped around columns, beckons them along your entry. Windows or open wall spaces can be further enhanced with one of our prelit wreaths ranging in size from 12 inches to 12 feet!. Our wreaths are professional grade. They will hold up to the outdoor elements, looking as good when we take them down as they did the day we hung them.

Roof Lighting: Lighting begins with following the arhitcetural lines that bring out the shape and design of your roof. Add in the ridge lines, and you achieve an incredible 3-D effect. This gingerbread house effect is a favored must-have with our customers.

Window Lighting: Simple... yet elegant. Each window chosen is outlined using mini-lights attached to the glass using adhesive tabs. The resulting glow is enjoyed outside and inside.

Stake lighting: A perfect, inexpensive way to bring out the shape of your landscaped beds and to light your walkways. We stake each light along the edges outlining and creating the illusion of burning candles.

Special Displays and Effects: Traditional with an authentic manger scene... or blow out, like Clark Grisswald? We can make it happen. Select your choice from our catalog of top quality decorations and we will take it from there. We’ll set it up securely, make sure it is lighted properly, and keep it maintained throughout the holiday season. Absolutely, positively Christmas cheer-inducing!

Installation & Storage

Keeping the integrity and value of your home or business is important to us. Your decorations should be beautiful and secure enough to stand up to the environmental elements. A variety of non-invasive, specially engineered clips and fasterners accomplish our goal. After they have been removed, you won't be able to tell they were even there.

This has got to be the best part... NO STORAGE HEADACHES! Once we have removed your decorations, we box them up and take them with us. We provide all of the boxes, packing and storage to keep the decorations looking nice and new... NO EXTRA CHARGE! It’s all included.